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Greg Savage - Board Advisory & NED

Greg has been on the Board of a Public Recruitment company and of global recruitment companies operating in over 25 countries. He has also started and sold his own businesses several times. Currently Greg is represented on the Board at several highly successful Recruitment and HR Tech companies including;

People2People Pty Ltd: Joint Founder. Member Advisory Board

Consult Recruitment: (New Zealand) Director and Chairman

Interpro: Member Advisory Board

Precision Sourcing: Member Advisory Board

Kinexus Recruitment: Member Advisory Board

People2People (Victoria) Pty Ltd: Member Advisory Board

People2People (Queensland) Pty Ltd: Member Advisory Board

People2People (WA) Pty Ltd: Co-Owner and Advisory Board Member

VideoMyJob: Shareholder and Member Advisory Board

Patch Personnel: Member Advisory Board

Peoplefusion: Member Advisory Board

EST10 Member Advisory Board

ANSA  Search (Singapore): Member Advisory Board

E4 Recruitment: Member Advisory Board

JobAddder: Advisor

North Technology People (Canada): Member Advisory Board

Funds Partnership (Singapore): Member Advisory Board

MJD Executive: Member Advisory Board


Growth and profitability is always the primary brief for this service. Often the owners have a defined exit strategy. Sometimes it’s a staged growth plan. Advice is totally holistic including growth strategy, people issues, financial management, marketing, technology, business plan, and much more Typically this service comes as an annual package that includes;

  • 6 to 10 full Board meetings a year, including preparation, strategic advice and follow-up
  • Leadership development, mentoring and ongoing advice.
  • Regular telephone and email support and in person for the CEO and other key executives
  • Market intelligence and PR

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