Driving performance with recruitment metrics and KPIs E-Book

Driving performance with recruitment metrics and KPIs

Recruiters often reject key performance indicators (KPIs), and it’s true that a relentless focus on KPIs often does more harm than good.

Routinely, managers drive old-school KPIs because they are bereft of any new ideas to increase productivity, and the less success delivered by the old tactics, the more the manager pushes the KPI! It’s a destructive cycle of pain and futility.

But, KPIs are intrinsically good. In recruitment, we must do a certain volume of activity. And you cannot manage what you don’t measure.

I believe totally in clarity around activity goals, 41 years in this business has taught me that. But the many factors that ensure long-term recruiter success are changing, as the market changes.

This E-Book explores how modern and relevant KPIs can help recruitment agencies and managers to drive performance.