Feedback from the Savage Masterclass - Powering Profits in Disrupted Times, Australia and New Zealand 2016

Greg and Chris Savage worked incredibly well as a partnership in presenting together on highly relevant topics for our industry. As usual, it was delivered with loads of energy, professionalism and passion.

Kurt Gillam, State Manager WA/SA – Kelly Services

I was fortunate to first meet Greg Savage in 2001 where he presented a 1/2 day workshop for a boutique IT Recruitment firm I worked at. Since that time I believe I have attended most of Greg’s workshops over the years. I always find him to be very inspirational. I also sent two of my managers to this years session. I find Greg’s knowledge and advice to be exceptional and really a common sense, no nonsense approach. Chris and Greg presenting together provided a good balance of perspective. If there is one external session I attend a year, this is it.

Debbie Davis, Country Manager Australia – Reed Specialist Recruitment

Great session; practical, insightful and relevant information, presented in a clear and logical format, tailor-made to implement in any recruitment business today.

Belinda Kerr, MD – ICUR recruitment, Co Founder Sterning Group

Informative, dynamic session for doing business in today’s recruitment world. The raw truths – no lecturing and no motherhood statements – they tell it how it is!! Lots of take home messages – if you weren’t there you missed out!!

The Savage boys rock!!

Tania Kapell, MD – Recruitment Edge

Thanks to both Greg and his fabulous brother Chris for putting on quite an educating and entertaining presentation today. It was very inspiring to actually see two brothers work so fantastically together, so be very proud that you left a huge audience in “awe” of your amazing efforts and advice. Marketing is quite a passion of mine so I thoroughly enjoyed today.

Irene Kennedy, HR Recruiter – HR Partners

I have recently joined the Six Degrees Executive team and was fortunate enough to be at the Melbourne Seminar this morning. I found today’s session with you and Chris extremely informative, enlightening and a combination of my two worlds. Thank you for sharing your 35 years recruitment experience with me. For someone “new” to recruitment but having had 15+ years experience in client relationships it’s reassuring to know relationship management and playing the long game are integral to success in this industry.. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience.

Rob Cooper, Executive Recruitment Consultant – Six Degrees Executive

Thank you for your fabulous presentation today! I thoroughly enjoyed it and I have certainly come away with excellent ideas.

Sarah Bailey, Senior Manager – Graham Consulting

Thanks for the insightful, thought – action provoking and humorous 1/2 day workshop you did with Chris in Sydney on Friday last week.

So much “Juicy” information in there. Thanks again

Geremy Glew, Director – Placed Recruitment

Greg and Chris Savage delivered a powerful, information packed session with tangible action points to take away.  You will be energised, excited and driven to achieve your goals after this session, and with an even better road-map to get you there!

Erin Devlin, people2people

As always Greg’s presentation was relevant and thought provoking. Having Chris co-host provided a really good change in dynamic and an important and relevant perspective from outside the recruitment industry. They are easy to follow and more importantly, I always leave with 2 or 3 immediately actionable ideas, which will make Six Degrees, and the people that work here, even better.

Paul Hallam, CEO – Six Degrees Executive

Both Chris and Greg worked exceptionally well. A good presentation..

The partnering worked well and the timing pretty good.

Chris was a lot more pro-active this time and our interest was held.

Both did well together. Waiting for the next one.

Alan Allebone, Senior Consultant – TEAM Executive Consultants

Greg and Chris Savage delivered an energetic and insightful half-day workshop with their unique balance of perspectives.  Greg’s recruitment expertise combined with Chris’s PR knowledge provided a powerful combination.

Ben Walsh, General Manager, Recruitment – Optimum Consulting Group

As much as it seems difficult to justify, and then actually take, a morning away from the day to day business responsibilities. Todays investment had a stack of returns that just keep coming for the full 4 plus hours. The Savage combination is a pretty slick one that is well worth the effort. I would be happy to back up and do it again next week.

Schadd Montgomery, Director – Pure Source Recruitment

Greg and Chris make an excellent team and will teach you business lessons that will last a lifetime. All this packed into a few incredible hours. Two incredibly talented guys.

Mark Fisher, CEO – Eighty4 Recruitment

The session with the Savage brothers was informative , lively and full of passion for our industry. If you are under any doubt as to the sustainability of our industry then you will come away renewed fired up and raring to put a lot of what they say into action.

I have been to Greg’s events for years and always come away inspired with great idea’s that we implement. However I have never heard Chris speak before and found his wisdom and ideas relevant and on point.

For business owners and senior managers this is a must go to event.

Marie Howley-Watson, Director – Team Recruitment

Once again, nothing bland about Greg’s information or presentation.  It was really beneficial having Chris present a macro view of business and it dovetailed nicely with Greg’s information.  Incredibly valuable information for business owners and worth far more than we paid for it.  Thank you Greg & Chris.

Linda van der Velde – Team Recruitment Ltd Auckland, NZ

Feedback from the Savage RCSA Acumen Speaking Tour 2015 - “Will the new golden era of recruitment pass you by?”

Simply one of best RCSA events I have ever attended. Full of relevant information for both new and senior recruiters. Very relevant to the industry regardless of sector.

Nic McPherson – Advanced Personnel Services Limited, Christchurch

Greg is a must see presenter, with deep heritage. He also delivers ‘cutting edge’ insights into the future. You must see him

Warwick Brown – Slade Executive, Sydney

A powerful, energetic and incredibly informative session – full of innovative and exceptional techniques and advice! If you want to build your business into the future, following Greg Savage’s advice on the New Digital Era and Business Development is essential! Thanks to the RCSA for arranging this fabulous presentation from Greg Savage – the Recruitment Industry Guru!

Teri Moxham – Director, Southside Staffing Solutions, Sydney

Excellent session. Informative, engaging and content full of amazing tips! Greg was brilliant. Thank you.

Michelle Seeto – EBR, Sydney

Today’s agency recruitment market must evolve into a ‘new way’. Greg Savage has today laid out the best set of guideposts pointing the way forward. Every topic he covered was well thought out and clearly explained. Every point worked well with the others to help us see a fully picture of the future of agency recruiting.

John Cooling – CEO, SmartWorker, Brisbane

Greg’s presentation exceeded my expectations. He provided fantastic insights and tips on certain aspects of the industry that I barely scratch the surface of, i.e. social media, which will be extremely helpful to me and my business in the future. I look forward to his next event.

Wanda Brown – Oceania Recruitment Solutions, Brisbane

I have followed Greg Savage for a while so I had high expectations for today’s speaking event, and he did not disappoint. Not only great insights and industry analysis, but also practical tools to use every day to make me a better recruiter. Loved it!

Terri Macchion – Ambrose Recruitment, Brisbane

The Greg Savage RCSA event is a thought provoking, well-presented seminar from someone who has been pioneering the implementation of strategies and techniques from outside the industry and yielding measurable results.

Scott Burton – Business Manager, Abbertons Human Resources, Brisbane

This session was full of ‘gold nuggets’. The information provided was relevant, rich and well delivered. Those people who put into practice the strategies provided by Greg will no doubt have a huge advantage in a tight market.

Shirley Farrell – CEO & Principal Consultant, HR Call Centre, Brisbane

Greg Savage’s presentation on the topics and techniques covered was relevant, compelling, engaging and stimulating. Probably the best overall presentation/workshop I have attended to date. I will certainly take the tips back to the market I operate in. Thank you Greg, you are a true thought leader of the game.

Stephen Mead – PNG Country Manager, Peopleconnexion PNG

If you love Greg’s blogs, you’ll enjoy him even more in person. Informative, stimulating, blunt, entertaining and generous in his tips.

Katherine Sampson – Managing Director, Mahlab Recruitment (Vic) Pty Ltd

 have been to many workshops and seminars organised by RCSA. My favourite workshops etc. are always Greg Savage as the presenter. He is forthright, dynamic and very clear in his presentations.

Today was no exception. In fact it was educational, inspirational and motivational. A true eye opener for the old and the young. I would recommend Greg as a presenter and keynote speaker to any organisation regardless the industry.

Alan Allebone – Senior Consultant, Melbourne, TEAM Executive Consultant

Brilliant… to present to a group of people for 3.5 hours and keep them completely focused is a rare skill, but Greg has rare skills! This session was totally relevant and jam-packed with takeaways and strategies to future-proof your recruitment business.

Craig Watson – Watson Collard, Melbourne

A great session today with my consultants, Greg Savage really made a few people (Social Media doubters) take note on how to take charge of their own future and believe in what social media can do for them as a Recruitment consultant and the business that they work in.

David Gray – Director, LNG Recruitment Group, Perth

Greg was one of our keynote presenters at two recent Business Brains events. These events were targeted at owner or directors of established Recruitment businesses. He was extremely well received by both audiences. They loved his no nonsense delivery style and his high energy presentation. He was incredibly knowledgeable, told great stories and so brought his material to life for all that attended. He also was very humorous and engaging. The feedback was all positive and I wouldn’t hesitate to use Greg again.

Kevin Green – Chief Executive, Recruitment and Employment Confederation, London, UK

[Greg’s presentation] was thought-provoking and honest. Greg provided solid, justified and evidence-based arguments for his opinions, and I appreciated the discernment between facts/stats and opinion. The breadth of the presentation provided me with a wide array of action points, and above all I left feeling really inspired, energised and ready to take on all the challenges I face in my current role, with the confidence that there is plenty of room to be super successful.

Bianca Walton – Marketing and Communications Manager, Wavelength International, Sydney, Australia

Greg is always terrific – doesn’t matter how many times I’ve heard him speak, his presentations are ALWAYS valuable.  One of the few presenters in and outside the recruitment world who can keep an audience engaged for so many hours!

Tania Kapell – Managing Director, Recruitment Edge