Buy Savage Video


Buy Savage Video

Thanks to the RCSA we are able to present Savage Online
Streamable recordings from my last three speaking tours

I am really grateful to the RCSA in Australia who have agreed to forgo commercial advantage and offer almost 12 hours of my recorded training modules at a heavily discounted price. Original price $1,100 for all three. Now $300 for RCSA members and $450 non-members (Australian Dollars).

Please (I beg of you) direct all enquiries to the RCSA on this. I don’t have the videos. I don’t manage the sales process. I don’t even understand the technology!

Below is the summary of the three modules

Savage Sell - Sophisticated Selling for the Modern Recruiter.

These modules give you the recipe for accelerated selling, combining global best practice sales techniques with the very latest recruitment ‘insider’ selling tactics. Topics include social selling, the power of storytelling, rules of engagement, selling candidate exclusivity, selling temp rates, making offers that don’t get refused, conducting a great sales visit, negotiating fees, 7 steps to grow existing clients, resilience tips in selling, how to differentiate your offer, and much, much more. > more info

2019 Billing Manager Masterclass - Secrets of the Successful Billing Manager.

A masterclass for Billing Managers, the hardest job in recruitment. That is, any recruiter who has to juggle personal targets and managing consultants. It’s often a disastrous transition for a good recruiter who is thrust into Team Leadership. The skills are entirely different and the balancing of the two jobs a uniquely hard challenge. Yet it’s so critical to recruitment business success! Includes deep dive in leadership, managing priorities, productivity tips, personal organisation, delegation, quality control, managing effective meetings, positive use of KPIs, coaching, performance management, and much more. > more info

2020 Final Word Tour - Greg's biggest lessons, tactics and secrets from a lifetime in recruitment.

This is the big one. 3 hours of Greg’s biggest learnings in recruitment. Not to be missed. Combined with amusing real-life anecdotes, freely sharing his many mistakes, Greg will focus on the key pillars of success as a recruiter, managing your recruitment career, the formula for recruiters to thrive in the future, selling, BD and negotiation tips, the success secrets of the billing manager, the formula for high billing recruiters and highly profitable recruitment companies, learnings about business growth, leadership, as well as wealth creation and building your business for exit. > more info

This is a total of 12 hours of my best stuff (Plus a guest appearance from Chris Savage). The original price of this material was $1100 but due to the current situation, the RCSA and I have collaborated to drop the price to $300 for all three modules for RCSA Members.