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The Savage Recruitment Academy offers a variety of intensive courses to provide training for recruiters at any stage of their career. Click on the button below to download the full course guide.

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This course is suited to Individuals who are actively recruiting – Consultants, Billing Managers, Owner Operators. Anyone looking to hone their Sales Skills.

Savage SELL contains 4 hours of leading-edge recruitment sales training delivered by Greg and Chris Savage. A recruiter’s ability to market and persuade will underpin their success in an increasingly automated world, and these seven video modules provide you with all the skills required to be successful in the new world of recruitment.

About the Course

Time to Complete – 4 hours

Module Content

Introduction – Sophisticated Selling for the Modern Recruiter


  • Positioning
  • Collaborating
  • Believability Branding


  • Selling Candidate Rules
  • Selling Target Salary
  • Selling Temp Pay Rate
  • Selling Candidate Exclusivity


  • Storytelling
  • Social Selling
  • Brutal Truths About Selling


  • Client Fit or Flabby? Quiz
  • Selling Exclusivity
  • The Sales Visit


  • Trust in Selling
  • Selling to Big Companies
  • Negotiating Fees Perm, Temp and Temp to Perm


  • Resilience in selling

This course is suited to those new to recruitment & staffing – Consultants with less than 12 months experience.

The Savage Rookie Recruiter Program is a multi-part, six-hour suite of training that gives consultants a strong grounding on all the steps to recruitment success. Delivered by Greg Savage and Emily McLeod from WOW Recruitment, the program can be used individually or in group settings with a training leader to facilitate discussion and learning.

About the Course

Time to Complete – 6 hours

Module Content

1: Introduction from Greg Savage (Live now!)

Including attitudes, mindset and behaviours that drive success, the global industry, how to grow your career, resilience,

2: Basic Recruitment industry terminology and concepts (Live now!)

Including fee, margin, client, interview, second interview, offer counteroffer, temp, perm, contract, GP. Talent acquisition, RPO, PSA and much more

3: Talent Attraction & Pooling (Live now!)

Including talent pooling, LinkedIn InMail’s, and candidate outreach

4: Writing Job Ads (Live now!)

Including templates for writing job ads for temp and permanent roles

5: Screening and interviewing (Live now!)

Including a phone-screen checklist, screening a resume, interviewing skills

6: Behavioral and Competency Based Interviewing (Live now!)

Including the benefits of Behavioral Interviewing, example questions and candidate rating scales

7: Candidate Management and Rejection (Live now!)

Including the candidate management, communication rhythms, and how to handle candidate rejection

8: Pre-Closing Candidates (Live now!)

Including timeframes for pre-closing, and example pre-closing techniques

9: Reference Checking (Live Now!)

Including why reference checking is important, example reference checking, and business development off reference checks

10: Understanding Candidate Motivation (Live Now!)

Including how to access candidate motivation levels, why a motivated candidate is the ‘right’ candidate, and candidate prioritization

11: Candidate Outreach (Live Now!)

Including how to approach candidates, example ice-breakers, and the do’s and don’ts of candidate outreach

12: Business Development (Live Now!)

Including how to approach clients, building rapport, and the do’s and don’ts of client outreach

13: Client Visits (Live Now!)

Including how and when to conduct clients visits and adding value to your clients

14: Account Management (Live Now!)

Including account management tactics and advice around account management rhythm

15: Your Recruitment Career (Live Now!)

This course is suited to Leaders or individuals with leadership aspirations – Senior Consultants, Managers, or Managers of Managers.

Billing, Managing, Leading contains four hours of recruitment focused training specific to the role of Billing Manager. The role of a billing manager is THE most challenging job in recruitment, and often means billing big fees, managing clients and candidates, meeting personal targets, but also handling, training and minding a team of recruiters as well. This four-hour session is essential for anyone who aspires to have a successful management career in recruitment.

About the Course

Course Duration – 3 hours

Course Content


The Importance of a Billing Manager to a Recruitment Business

  • Where Billing Managers Go Wrong
  • The Importance of Being Senior
  • Building your Brand

The Savage Seven ‘C’s of Billing Manager Leadership

  • Clarity
  • Climate
  • Communication
  • Coaching
  • Courage
  • Comprehension
  • Creativity

Managing Priorities

  • Where a Billing Manager should spend their time
  • The Five Billing Manager priorities

Productivity Tips for the Billing Manager

  • Building a Team that Enhances Productivity
  • Personal Organisation
  • Delegation

Effective, Positive Activity Management

  • Activity x Quality x Target Market
  • Backwards Planning
  • Re-Inventing KPI’s for the Modern Recruiter
  • Managing the big billing recruitment Prima-Donna

Performance Management

  • Managing Newbies, Under-Performers, Average Performers, and High Performers
  • The 6 Steps to Performance Management

This course is suited to anyone looking to build a long and successful career in recruitment.

The Final Word captures a 3 hour session celebrating Greg’s 40th year in recruitment. In this session Greg covers the lessons, tactics, secrets and mantras he had gleaned from a glittering life-long career in the industry. Through hard hitting insights and real life anecdotes this session provides a template for a long and successful career in recruitment.

About the Course

Course Duration – 3 hours

Course Content


What it takes to be a great recruiter

The Future Fit Recruiter

  • Staying valuable
  • Multi-listed, contingency recruitment
  • Intention not attention

You own your recruitment career

  • The importance of motivation
  • Great recruiters vs Great recruitment managers
  • Your worst enemy in recruitment

Learning to Lead

  • Leadership is action
  • Consistency, Clarity, Climate, Communication, Courage

Growing Your Recruitment Business

  • Building a second tier of management
  • Hiring to raise the average
  • Building a high performance culture

Directing Traffic

  • Incremental Innovation
  • Recruitment and Marketing
  • The biggest drains on agency profits
  • Calculating cost of seat

Lessons from a lifetime of mistakes

  • The importance of listening
  • Advice NOT to give
  • The Final Word

This course is suited to Recruitment Leaders seeking to thrive through change.

The Savage THRIVE session delivered in August 2020 provides hard hitting insights to help agencies owners optimise their organisations to seize the opportunities posed by a challenging recruitment landscape. As the future brings new prospects for agency owners this content is now more relevant than ever.

About the Course

Course Duration – 5 hours

Course Content

Part One

  • Reality and Opportunity
  • Leadership Reinvented
  • Business Strategy
  • Management Mantras
  • Candidate Strategy
  • Client Strategy

Part Two

  • People, Performance and Hiring
  • Technology, Systems and Process
  • Salaries, Commissions and Benefits
  • Marketing and Branding
  • Pricing and Terms of Business
  • Building Trust in Untrusting Times
  • Financial Management

Temp and Contractor recruitment is a different artform than permanent recruitment with important skills to master. It’s also the more resilient form of recruitment in a downturn, making it integral to master!

he skillset required to succeed as a temp/contract recruiter is unique, so the Savage Recruitment Academy has recruited Bianca Luck, Director and Sydney Branch Manager at people2people. In this masterclass Bianca shares her learnings from 25+ years placing temps and contractors as one of Australia’s most high-performing recruiters.

The other half of the content is presented by Greg Savage, drawing upon 40+ years of experience in building world-class Temp and Contract businesses to share tips, tricks and insights on topics that have never before been covered in such depth and detail.

If you’re a recruiter new to the temp/contractor game, this masterclass will get you off to a flying start.

If you’re a seasoned temp/contractor consultant with years of experience, this masterclass will help you hone your skills and take you to the next level.

If you’re a business owner looking to build a temp/contract offering in your business, this masterclass provides the blueprint for future business success.

Course Content

  • The scale of the Temporary/Contract Market
  • Different Types of Employment
  • Temp/Contract: Common Terminology
  • Introduction to The Temp/Contract Recruiter
  • Temp/Contract Recruiter: Mindset and Attitude
  • Why Would Someone Temp/Contract?
  • What Makes a Good Temp/Contractor?
  • What Do Temp/Contractors Expect?
  • Building Trust With the Temp/Contractor
  • T/C Commitment, Control and Management
  • Managing the Temp Contractor ‘Terms of Engagement’
  • Selling the Job and The Rate to the T/C
  • Managing Candidate Objections
  • When and Why Would a Client Hire a T/C
  • Meeting T/C Client Expectations
  • Building Trust With The T/C Client
  • Taking a T/C Job Brief. The Basics
  • Taking and Filling a T/C brief. The Essentials
  • Taking and Filling a T/C brief. Build in Flexibility
  • Filling T/C Orders. The Phone
  • Learning From a Lost Job
  • Selling is Listening
  • The Candidate Interview as a BD Gold-Mine
  • Build Your Online Brand
  • Make Your Cold Calls Warm
  • Reference Checking
  • More BD Tactics
  • Reverse Marketing
  • Selling Your Differentiators
  • Understanding Margins and Mark-Ups
  • The Power of One $ of Margin
  • Negotiating Bill Rates
  • Temp to Perm. Don’t Give it Away
  • Pricing Fixed Term Contracts

Sixty Savage Seconds is suited to all recruiters. The perfect content to kick off your WIP meeting or to motivate consultants.

Sixty Savage Seconds are short sharp lessons for recruiters at any stage of the recruitment journey. Whether they are used to quickly bring consultants up to speed, or timely reminders for more established recruiters, these hard hitting videos are perfect for the modern learner.

Suited to all recruiters. Stay across the latest industry challenges and opportunities.

Subscribers to the Savage Recruitment Academy receive access to quarterly sessions presented by Greg that cover the key challenges recruiters are facing, and the skills you need to exceed them. In addition to access to these sessions, subscribers can also access all of Greg’s public webinars, podcasts, and other sessions at their fingertips.


The Savage Recruitment Academy

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Savage Books

With lessons on leadership, business and life from 40 years in recruitment The Savage Truth book is the story of Greg Savage, his stellar career in recruitment and the lessons he has learned on leadership, business and life over a career spanning four decades. [read more]

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