Recruit The Savage Way by Greg Savage



The latest book from Greg Savage is gleaned from 44 years of experience as a recruiter, manager of thousands of recruiters, and builder of several recruitment companies.

This book comprises 128 Chapters of practical advice, skills and attitudes and will give rookies an excellent grounding to thrive in their new career and help veterans brush up and add new competencies.

Owners and managers must have a copy to benchmark their teams and add new training curricula.

SECTION 1: Attitude and Mindset

‘Recruitment is not rocket science.’
The best recruiter ever
Being a recruiter rocks!
‘Recruiter Equity’
Do not use tentative language
Your ‘Skills Briefcase’
There is no ‘luck’
The great recruiter iceberg
Time to toughen up!
Running the recruiter marathon.
Recruitment reveals character
The meaning of ‘resilience’
Take a chill-pill
There are two types of recruiters
Never lie. Including to yourself
Think like an immigrant
5% better. 50% more
Ten seconds of courage
Maintain perspective.
What will your tombstone say?

Section 2: Behaviour and Activity

The formula to recruiting success
Owning the ‘moments of truth’
More remote. More engaged
Soft skills are hard
Making assumptions will hurt
Great recruiters are great listeners
The power of pushback
The golden perm recruiter metric
Smart KPI’s for fun and money
Smart KPI’s for Temp & Contract Recruiters
Reinventing your KPIs
Post-holiday bounce-back
Do what David does.

Section 3: Selling is Listening

In recruitment, everybody sells.
When the client is talking, you are selling!
Look for clients in pain
Reasons sales meetings fail
You must achieve this at a sales meeting.
A great sales meeting
Selling your differentiators
Lessons from 2,000 client meetings
Credibility built on insights
Develop your ‘chat’.
Two great ‘selling’ questions
Do cold calls! But don’t!
Reverse marketing candidates
Flex your BD muscle
Client nurturing
The fee negotiation mindset
Don’t talk fees, talk value
Feel you must compromise on fee?
Don’t fear the ‘C’ word
Negotiating temp margins
The madness of temp to perm discounts
Don’t pro-rata perm fees for long-term contract assignments
Social Selling
Branding and LinkedIn
Build the TA and Internal Recruiter relationship

Section 4: Candidate Skills

Candidate shortages are a good thing!
The recruiting dysfunction you must fix
Everyone is a candidate. All the time
Unique Candidates
‘Skills-hunter’ and ‘Talent-Agent’
The candidate outreach secret
The secret sourcing tool
‘Placeable’ candidates
The candidate interview is a ‘moment of truth’
Uncovering the ‘real motivations’
Understanding candidate ‘MTA’ and CTM
The ideal job vs the acceptable job
Managing salary expectations
Countering the counteroffer
Exclusive Candidates. The ‘why’
Exclusivity is fantastic for candidates
Candidate Exclusivity. The ‘How’
The rules of engagement
The candidate is assessing you too
Your candidate care ethos.
You are not in recruitment. You are in rejection
No news is news.
The CCCCF Secret Sauce.
Presenting a job opportunity
Gearing the candidate for client interview
The post-interview debrief
Closing the candidate after final interview
Delivering the job offer
Managing the resignation
Navigating the Valley of Death
Negotiating the temp pay rate
The power of one

Section 5: Client Skills

Building Trust with clients
‘Does my butt look big in this’
The definition of a ‘good client’
The magic of a qualified job order
Three genius qualifying questions
Taking and filling the Temp job.
Why do clients multi-list jobs?
The contingent multi-listing flaw
Exclusivity is great for the recruiter
Exclusivity is great for the client
Selling job-order exclusivity
Job order triage
Pitching the shortlist
“Send me the resume”
What it means if clients reject your shortlist
Gearing the Client for the interview
Debrief the Client after the Interview
What if the interview goes badly?
Negotiating the job offer
Post-acceptance Client management
‘Client-fit’ or ‘client-flabby’?
Signs your clients don’t rate you
Fire unprofitable clients
How to fire a deadbeat client

Section 6: Your Recruitment Career

You own your career
Three career paths
You must be a huge drinker
Fun and Money
Tips for the rookie recruiter
AI, Automation, and your career
The ‘C’ word will kill your career
‘Now’ is never normal
Wasted emotion
You can recruit worldwide
Are you a ‘recruiting tragic’?
Treasure your reputation