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In the words of The Savage Recruitment Academy founder and primary recruitment video coach, Greg Savage “Training is good. Coaching is better!”

Watching a video and using that to acquire knowledge or learn skills is much better than no training, but the real learning comes through discussion, debate, feedback, and role play.

Here are several ways users of the Academy have reported excellent outcomes.


With this learning mode, we set a team of recruiters at a similar stage of development or in similar roles, a specific module, a set of modules or even a masterclass, to view by a particular date and time.

As an example, the session on ‘Conducting a Sales Visit’ is set as a learning module, and the team agrees to meet on Friday at 10 am to review and discuss. The Team Leader or trainer will then facilitate a discussion where each person is encouraged to articulate the learnings that resonated with them. This is powerful because the discussion reinforces the knowledge, and the trainer can adapt the video lesson to the market at that time and place and relate it to how the team works and the ethos of the business. Remember to agree tactics that all attendees commit to.


The team, or a group of two or more learners, watch a video together with a facilitator present. The trainer stops the video at key points and calls for discussion, questions, and debate. The team agrees to try new ideas and implement fresh strategies in real-time. This is a compelling way to learn.

Possibly finish the session with role plays of relevant situations. There is amplified learning through team members’ input, and this approach is team building and morale-enhancing.


Selecting appropriate training modules for individuals at a particular career stage or with a specific need, is efficient and time effective. It can be done at the learners’ pace and weaved into their schedule. If you choose to use this method, we encourage there to be a feedback loop. For example, ask the learner to prepare a bullet-point summary of the key learnings from the session. Or ask the learner to present their session overview to the team. Perhaps even design a brief multiple-choice test for each learner once completed. The point here is not to ‘check they have done it’ but rather to provide focus and promote concentration and understanding. If you chose individual video learning as your method, we strongly recommend some component of the ‘feedback loop.’


No matter which learning mode you use, rewatching key sections and planning how you will implement the new tactics is powerful. Whether you do it as a team and debate each section, or just rewatch on your own, repetition, thinking, planning, and then implementing will lead to behaviour change and much better learning outcomes


Again, as a team or on your own, it’s imperative to agree on the action steps as a result of the training modules and set goals that can be measured. For example, having reviewed the training module ‘How to sell exclusivity to clients’, set a goal for each team member to implement the learnings and try to implement the learned tactics on the next two job orders taken, with a goal of securing one exclusive order. If attendees lack confidence, acknowledge that, and run a role-playing session to refine the skills and build confidence.


Any video training is better than none, but you will get better outcomes if you tailor the module viewing schedule according to the learners’ specific needs. Where appropriate, do the modules in the logical order and ensure the learner has been tested and reviewed on an understanding of each module before moving on to the next.


The Savage Recruitment Academy is a subscription-based E-Learning platform for recruitment-specific training video modules presented by leading industry expert Greg Savage and other recruitment industry experts. Individuals or agencies can subscribe to the training and are billed quarterly to access the learning platform, based on the number of individuals accessing the content. Once subscribed, users can login via the Savage Recruitment Academy website to view the content. Simply click the ‘Start Training Now’ button to get underway. Organisations on a bulk user subscription can edit and allocate staff related to their subscription through their parent account. Simply login under the main user account (i.e. the account under which the subscription has been purchased) and click the 'Subscribe Now' tab to edit your users. Once subscribed, users have unlimited access to the content on the platform. Additionally, users are regularly reminded of their subscriptions and a free to unsubscribe at any time.
No. You simply pay the quarterly subscription fee every three months that you access the platform.
Only 3 months. Users can subscribe/unsubscribe to the platform as they see fit.
No. The Savage Recruitment Academy is an Access All Areas model with users gaining access to all content on the platform.
No. The Savage Recruitment Academy is an Access All Areas model with users gaining access to all content on the platform. Even if you are only interested in one course, the Savage Recruitment Academy represents an extremely cost-effective model.
Payments are accepted by Credit Card with renewals charged on a 3-month period. For larger subscriptions (over 21+ users) we may be able to accept EFT. Please email for any enquiries relating to EFT.
Subscribers can be added/removed from your subscription from the parent account (i.e. the account under which the subscription has been purchased). Simply login with your parent account and follow the prompts at the ‘Add Bundle Member’ section of your Account Management page. Once a user is added to your bundle, they automatically receive login details to the email address you have provided.
Users are able to add/remove users to their subscription bundle as they see fit. You will only be charged for the total number of ‘active’ users under your subscription bundle, meaning you are free to add and remove users over the life of your subscription.
The SRA has comprehensive content for permanent and temporary/ contract recruiters, and material suitable for team leaders and billing managers in recruitment and staffing agencies. There is also a dedicated high-level content for recruitment business owners and senior leaders.
Parent account holders can view and report on user access from your companies from the Learning Administrator Portal. Login details to the Learning Administrator Portal are emailed to you as part of the onboarding email for the platform. If you require assistance accessing the Learning Administrator Portal, please email

A comprehensive demo is available for potential subscribers. Please contact for further information.

Greg Savage has had recruitment experience in over 15 countries. There will, of course, be minor local market discrepancies, mainly concerning local laws and occasionally terminology, but the vast majority of the material will be suitable for all recruiters and recruitment leaders. If in doubt, email
Most of the content is delivered by Greg Savage who has over 4 decades in recruitment, owning and advising recruitment businesses and training recruiters world-wide. Other trainers are proven recruitment business leaders.