Savage Recruitment Academy

A full suite of recruitment training from a lifetime of recruitment.

Now more than ever it is important to invest in your people. Every recruitment leader agrees that ongoing training and development is integral to the productivity and retention of your staff, however when business starts heating up it is the first thing to fall by the wayside.

The Savage Recruitment Academy offers a solution to this problem by providing world class training on demand.

Through four intensive modules and a suite of over 50 microlearning videos, the Savage Recruitment Academy provides training solutions for all stages of the recruitment life cycle. Whether it’s bringing new consultants up to speed, honing the skills of your billing managers, or providing insightful leadership training, these video sessions delivered by Greg Savage have it all.

Through accessing these modules via a powerful Learning Management System (LMS), recruiters can access this content when they need it and learn at their own pace.

The Modules

Cost: AU$129.00 + GST per user

SAVAGE SELL contains 4 hours of leading-edge recruitment sales training delivered by Greg and Chris Savage. A recruiter’s ability to market and persuade will underpin their success in an increasingly automated world, and these seven video modules provide you with all the skills required to be successful in the new world of recruitment.

Suited to: Individuals who are actively recruiting – Consultants, Billing Managers, Owner Operators. Anyone looking to hone their Sales Skills.

– Module Content –

Introduction – Sophisticated Selling for the Modern Recruiter


  • Positioning
  • Collaborating
  • Believability Branding


  • Selling Candidate Rules
  • Selling Target Salary
  • Selling Temp Pay Rate
  • Selling Candidate Exclusivity


  • Storytelling
  • Social Selling
  • Brutal Truths About Selling


  • Client Fit or Flabby? Quiz
  • Selling Exclusivity
  • The Sales Visit


  • Trust in Selling
  • Selling to Big Companies
  • Negotiating Fees Perm, Temp and Temp to Perm


  • Resilience in selling

Cost: AU$159.00 + GST per user 

Billing, Managing, Leading contains four hours of recruitment focused training specific to the role of Billing Manager. The role of a billing manager is THE most challenging job in recruitment, and often means billing big fees, managing clients and candidates, meeting personal targets, but also handling, training and minding a team of recruiters as well. It’s often a disastrous transition for a good recruiter who is thrust into Team Leadership. This four-hour session is essential for anyone who aspires to have a successful management career in recruitment.

Suited to: Leaders or individuals with leadership aspirations – Senior Consultants, Managers, or Managers of Managers.

– Module Content –

Introduction – The Importance of a Billing Manager to a Recruitment Business

  • Where Billing Managers Go Wrong
  • The Importance of Being Senior
  • Building your Brand

The Savage Seven ‘C’s of Billing Manager Leadership

  • Clarity
  • Climate
  • Communication
  • Coaching
  • Courage
  • Comprehension
  • Creativity

Managing Priorities

  • Where a Billing Manager should spend their time
  • The Five Billing Manager priorities

Productivity Tips for the Billing Manager

  • Building a Team that Enhances Productivity
  • Personal Organisation
  • Delegation

Effective, Positive Activity Management

  • Activity x Quality x Target Market
  • Backwards Planning
  • Re-Inventing KPI’s for the Modern Recruiter
  • Managing the big billing recruitment Prima-Donna

Performance Management

  • Managing Newbies, Under-Performers, Average Performers, and High Performers
  • The 6 Steps to Performance Management

Cost: AU$189.00 + GST per user

The Final Word captures a 3 hour session celebrating Greg’s 40th year in recruitment. In this session Greg covers the lessons, tactics, secrets and mantras he had gleaned from a glittering life-long career in the industry. Through hard hitting insights and real life anecdotes this session provides a template for a long and successful career in recruitment.

Suited to: Anyone looking to build a long and successful career in recruitment.

– Module Content –

Introduction – What it takes to be a great recruiter

The Future Fit Recruiter

  • Staying valuable
  • Multi-listed, contingency recruitment
  • Intention not attention

You own your recruitment career

  • The importance of motivation
  • Great recruiters vs Great recruitment managers
  • Your worst enemy in recruitment

Learning to Lead

  • Leadership is action
  • Consistency, Clarity, Climate, Communication, Courage

Growing Your Recruitment Business

  • Building a second tier of management
  • Hiring to raise the average
  • Building a high performance culture

Directing Traffic

  • Incremental Innovation
  • Recruitment and Marketing
  • The biggest drains on agency profits
  • Calculating cost of seat

Lessons from a lifetime of mistakes

  • The importance of listening
  • Advice NOT to give
  • The Final Word

The Savage THRIVE session delivered in August 2020 provides hard hitting insights to help agencies owners optimise their organisations to seize the opportunities posed by a challenging recruitment landscape. As the future brings new prospects for agency owners this content is now more relevant than ever.

Suited to: Recruitment Leaders seeking to thrive through change.

– Module Content –

Part One

  • Reality and Opportunity
  • Leadership Reinvented
  • Business Strategy
  • Management Mantras
  • Candidate Strategy
  • Client Strategy

Part Two

  • People, Performance and Hiring
  • Technology, Systems and Process
  • Salaries, Commissions and Benefits
  • Marketing and Branding
  • Pricing and Terms of Business
  • Building Trust in Untrusting Times
  • Financial Management

Cost: AU$100.00 + GST per user

Sixty Savage Seconds are short sharp lessons for recruiters at any stage of the recruitment journey. Whether they are used to quickly bring consultants up to speed, or timely reminders for more established recruiters, these hard hitting videos are perfect for the modern learner.

Suited to: All recruiters. The perfect content to kick off your WIP meeting or to motivate consultants.

– Module Content –

How it works

Individuals seeking to access the Savage Recruitment Academy modules can book via the academy website. As part of the booking process, registrants set up an account with Savage Recruitment Academy Learning Management System (LMS). Once the booking is complete, individuals can access the modules via logging in to the LMS.

Registrants on the platform have 3 months access to their purchased content. Each individual seeking to view a module must complete their own individual purchase. Sharing of login details will restrict access to the platform.

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