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Greg Savage has adapted his in-real-life and video training to hard-hitting, high quality webinar delivery of key skills and new ideas.

Staff need a boost? Fresh idea? Having a conference?

The COVID inspired one hour plus Q&A masterclass is perfect for now. “Survive. Revive. Then Thrive! The Recruiter Roadmap to Recovery” - This totally new up to date session will give your consultants an inspiration boost as well fresh new tools to thrive in a changed recruiting world.

A ‘Greg Savage’ Webinar for your Company? Survive. Revive. Thrive’

There are great opportunities in the recovery!

But you have to survive the present to take advantage, right?

Your recruiters have hit the wall with WFH and tired of remote ‘everything’

You are out of ideas yourself.

A one-hour Greg Savage webinar tailored to your company will help

Based on my experience trading through five recessions and the hundreds of conversations with recruiters and owners all over the world in the last 12 weeks.

  • Ideas to work on now
  • Big motivation lift
  • Fresh strategies to implement

You can have:

  • Full briefing-call prior, to get the content right
  • Greg Savage live webinar. 45 – 60 minutes
  • Q and A from your team : Extra 30 minutes
  • Key slides via PDF after the event

Webinar Content

Survive. Revive. Then Thrive. The Recruiter Roadmap to Recovery

  • How to face the reality of our near future.
  • How recruiters are responding.
  • How recessions play out.
  • What will the post-COVID landscape look like?
  • Changing candidate and client behaviour.
  • The ‘good news’
  • Leadership style needed now.
  • Never waste a good crisis.
  • How to configure your future.
  • What to focus on in the short and long
  • Redefining ‘productivity’ for recruiters.
  • Pivot and gain market share
  • Changes owners/managers and recruiters need to make now
  • Developing your narrative
  • The power of goodwill equity

Use the form on this page to book your own ‘Survive. Revive. Then Thrive. The Recruiter Roadmap to Recovery’ Masterclass.

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    Greg can also tailor a wide variety of other webinars in specific areas that you need to focus on. The list of possible topics is wide-ranging, but can include amongst many others;

    • Selling exclusivity on Job orders
    • Relationship building via the qualified job order
    • Negotiating fees and margins in a post covid world
    • Online brand building for recruiters
    • Selling candidate exclusivity
    • Social selling
    • Consultant productivity
    • Conducting a great sales visit
    • Consultant influencing skills
    • Secrets of the Billing Manager
    • Many management and leadership topics

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